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RCS monitoring centre: a complete suite of applications


Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) face a growing challenge from criminals and terrorists, who are making increased use of new and sophisticated communication channels to conduct criminal activity. With  MITO³ Monitoring Centre, RCS offers LEAs an efficient and powerful instrument to face this challenge.  The power of Mito3 lies in RCS proprietary technology, which allows to minimise the “time to market” of new interception applications and facilitates upgrades made necessary by changing requirements and  technology evolution.

MITO³ is a complete suite of applications for Monitoring Centres that includes all Network Operators tools for Data Gathering. MITO³ retrieves, decodes, processes and stores contents coming from virtually any kind of communication network. 
MITO³ features include:
  • A scalable and modular architecture.
  • A software-based platform running on cutting-edge  hardware.
  • A powerful reporting engine for evidence production.
  • MITO³ can be customized according to local regulations and laws, offers customers a flexible solution whereby they can build their systems by combining required modules and can be easily integrated with third-party software and systems.
  • MITO³ is composed of voice, Internet, analysis and GPS localisation modules.
  • With the voice module, contents transmitted both via mobile and landline telecommunications networks, including SMS, MMS and digital fax data, can be recorded and analysed including the capability to track target position. Voice module includes probing, mediation and provisioning equipment for direct installation in the Network.
  • The dedicated Internet module handles the full range of Internet protocols and applications, including social media, email and webmail, VoIP, chats and peer-to-peer file sharing, while associated software-based Internet data probes allow for an extended set of capturing and filtering methods.
  • The MITO³ analysis module provides an advanced investigative tool which examines retrieved data to analyse relationships between entities, perform geographical and time mapping and run statistics and special data searches.
  • The geolocalisation module is dedicated to receiving and visualizing geo-location coordinates from GPS probes, has a unique interface that allows LEAs to follow the movements of targets while listening directly to intercepted audio.
The monitoring centre is fully compliant with all the major LI handover standards, including ETSI, CALEA,  and a number of national and custom variants. RCS experts have extensive experience working with LEAs around the world in setting up large scale Monitoring Centres, providing long-term servicing and advice to ensure  systems continue to meet their needs over the years.

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