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Three market areas, three integrated platforms

RCS provide cost-effective solutions in full compliance with international standards and/or local laws, with competence, confidentiality and a deep respect for the values, the ethics and the culture of Customers, doing the best to fit requirements and expectations, listening and supporting rather than simply selling.

Law enforcement agencies face a growing challenge from criminals and terrorists, who are making increased use of new and sophisticated communications channels to conduct criminal activity. With the MITO3 monitoring suite, RCS offers LEAs an efficient and powerful set of instruments to face this challenge.
MITO3  is a suite of applications and devices for target monitoring that retrieves, decodes, processes and stores contents coming from virtually any kind of communication network. MITO3 features include a scalable and modular architecture, a software-based unified platform running on commercial hardware and a powerful reporting engine for evidence production. It can be customized according to local regulations and laws, offers customers a flexible solution whereby they can build their systems by composing required modules, and can be easily integrated with third-party software and systems.
The monitoring centre suite is composed of voice, Internet, Internet data probe, analysis and GPS localization modules. It is fully compliant with all the major LI handover standards, including ETSI, CALEA, GHS, and a number of national and custom variants.
Security agencies may need a more complete and technologically advanced set of instruments to satisfy all their monitoring requirements and obtain information that may not be possible through the use of more “traditional” tools. RCS aims to provide them a full set of investigation support tools designed to cover their entire target monitoring requirements. RCS tactical investigation support tools are part of an integrated monitoring system that allows investigators to easily access any information coming from both the lawful interception and the tactical devices universes.
Tactical support investigation tools offered by RCS include GSM off the air monitoring systems, social network analysis tools and active intrusion systems (Trojans) that allow full intelligence on target users even for encrypted communications like Skype, PGP and secure web-mail. Tactical tools also encompass satellite off the air and GPS probe and localization systems, audio/video probes, video surveillance, extended CDR (xDR) probes, crypto phone solutions and Wifi catchers.
RCS monitoring centre: a complete suite of applications

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