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Research & Development

With an impressive installation record in several countries, RCS can put into play about twenty years of worthy lawful interception experience.

This long-term run has given RCS the possibility to work across many different generations of networks and standards, fuelling the knowledge of real lawful interception challenges in any installation environment and driving the problem solving attitude of ever-growing R&D department.

Lawful Interception applications have to follow the fast growing telecommunications market – among the most rapidly changing trends in the last decades. Simply think about the differences between the services available on first mobile and what’s offered today by the latest generation mobile terminals.

This is the reason why RCS is strongly committed to the constant evolution and upgrade of their systems, to be able to fit today’s needs in Lawful Interception. The overall Intellectual Property ownership of software solutions allows RCS to be quick and flexible in adapting them to any operational reality. An accurately selected team of professionals – from the System Analysts to the Database Experts and the System Integrators – constitutes the backbone of RCS R&D department that supports ideation, development, and deployment of any RCS solution.

RCS offers integrated interception systems that allow all players to cut costs in terms of equipment, time and human resources. The result: RCS customers are better able to focus on their core business and can have the warranty to be always one step ahead of the criminals.

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