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The access to the RCS Web site's pages implies the user's acceptance of the following conditions.
The entire content of the Web pages, inclusive of texts and images, is the exclusive property of RCS S.p.A. (hereinafter, also referred to as “RCS”).  All rights reserved.  Any reproduction, distribution, memorization or other use is prohibited without RCS’s advance written authorization or another specific agreement between the parties.  RCS allows the user to store and to print extracts from the pages of this Web site only and exclusively for personal use.
"RCS", the name of the services, and the logo are distinctive registered marks and symbols exclusively owned by RCS.
While the pages of this Web site are periodically revised, RCS does not assume any liability in relation to the completeness and the updating of the information on the site. RCS furthermore does not assume any liability for any manipulation of the site effected by third parties over whom RCS cannot exercise direct control.
RCS shall use information supplied by the user, regardless of how transmitted, with the utmost confidentiality, exclusively for the purposes of supplying its services and responses to requests expressly made by the user.
The user assumes any and all risk related to the use and the exploration of the site.  RCS does not assume any liability in relation to any damage which the user may suffer to its IT equipment following access or use of the site or the downloading of materials from these Web pages.
For further information or clarification, users may contact RCS at the addresses listed under "Contact Us" website.

Privacy policy Website RCS S.p.A.

Reasons for this notice
This page describes the means for operating the RCS Web site, with reference to the processing of the personal data of the users consulting the site.  This disclosure is also rendered pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree n. 196 of 30 June 2003 (hereinafter, "Privacy Code") to anyone interacting with RCS’s Web services accessible through the Internet, starting from the following address:
which is the home page of the official website of RCS S.p.A.
This disclosure is rendered only for the RCS Web site, and not for any other Web sites that the user may consult via links.
This disclosure is also based on Recommendation n. 2 of 2001 which the European authorities adopted on 17 May 2001 for the protection of personal data, together with the group set up under Article 29 of the EU Directive n. 95/56/CE; such recommendation identifies several minimum requirements for the online collection of personal data, and in particular, the means, timing and nature of the information which the persons processing the data must supply to users when the users are accessing Web pages, regardless of the purpose of such access.

Purpose of the processing of the data gathered
The personal data of the users may be collected upon consultation of this site. Such collection may occur inasmuch as users are physical or legal persons or other entities interested in RCS’s products and services, and they may, for such reason, send specific requests via electronic mail or by filling out forms available on the site.
RCS S.p.A. – as the person processing the personal data pursuant to and for the effects of the Privacy Code - with its registered office at Via Caldera 21 - Ed. B, 20153 Milan (MI), shall process any such data collected exclusively for the purpose of responding to the requests expressly made by the user. The data shall not be disclosed to the public. The data may be communicated to independent third parties processing data only if such communication is instrumental to the service requested by the user.
In any event, whenever the collection of personal data is contemplated, precise information is provided in relation thereto pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree n. 196 of 2003, with the specification of the categories of the persons involved who may access the data and the means with which to request an updated list of any processing managers, or any persons authorized by Sopaf to process the personal data.

Location of data processing
The processing of the data related to the services of this Web site takes place at the registered office of the person processing the data, Via Caldera 21 - ed. B, 20153 Milan (MI).

Type of data processed
Data voluntarily supplied by the user.
The request for the sending of electronic mail to the addresses indicated in the special section of the RCS S.p.A. Web site entails the capture thereafter of the personal data of the user submitting the request, including the user's electronic mail address which is needed for responding to the request.

Navigation data
The information systems and software used for running this Web site capture, as part of their routine operation, certain personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of the Internet, on the basis of the TCP/IP protocol.
Such data are not gathered in order to be associated with the identified parties, but because of their nature, the data may allow, through processing and associations with the data held by third parties, for the identification of the users.  The data in this category include "IP addresses" or the domain names of the computers used by the users connecting to the site, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifiers) notation addresses of the resources requested, the time of the request, the method used in submitting the request to the Web server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numeric code indicating the status of the response given by the Web server (executed, error, etc.) and other parameters relative to the user's operating system and system environment.  These data are used only for collecting anonymous statistical information about the use of the site and for checking the proper functioning of the RCS Web site.
It is noted that the aforementioned data may be used for ascertaining liability in cases of IT-related criminal acts causing damage to the RCS S.p.A. Web site, and may thus be made available to the Law Enforcement authorities in relation to investigations:  except for this circumstance, the data on Web contacts are currently not held for any more than several days.

Option of submitting personal data
Users are not obligated to submit personal data.  However, should the user fill out forms or send electronic mail messages in order to obtain information about RCS’s products and services, some data (such as user's name and surname or company name, telephone number, address, and e-mail address) are necessary in order to provide the service requested, and are thus considered mandatory.

Rights of the interested persons
The persons to whom the personal data refers ("interested persons"), whose data have been gathered in accordance with the purposes and means illustrated, have the right at any time to obtain the confirmation of the existence or non-existence of the data, to ascertain the content and origin thereof, to verify the accuracy thereof, and to request their supplementation or updating, or adjustment pursuant to Article 7 of the Privacy Code.
The interested person also has the right to request the cancellation of the data, and the transformation of the data into anonymous form, and to contest, for legitimate reasons, the processing of the data.

Any such requests should be submitted to:
RCS S.p.A.
Via Caldera 21 - Ed. B, 20153 Milan (MI)

Versions of the privacy policy
Considering the state of perfection of the automatic control mechanisms does not make them exempt from errors and malfunctions, it is noted that this document constitutes the RCS Web site's "Privacy Policy", and may be updated (even though the various versions of the same will be made available).  The user is thus advised to visit this section of the RCS site on a periodic basis in order to review any variations or supplements.

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